Welcome to the STAGE LEFT blog.


STAGE LEFT, because I LEFT the STAGE some time ago.  The main STAGE I LEFT is the Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow where I worked for many years.

I didn’t work onSTAGE.  I was never STAGEstruck.  I LEFT that to talented others.  My role was backSTAGE.  Or offSTAGE, producing, managing and balancing the books. 

There are other STAGEs I LEFT, but that was the most inspiring one.  It LEFT a lasting impression so that, even at this STAGE, I’m LEFT with lots of ideas about that STAGE of my LEFT… er, life.

I’m still LEFT with a passion for the STAGE and all things theatrical.  I can’t stop myself going to see shows (and exhibitions, films and music) so I’ll write about recent productions too.

I love theatre and ideas.  Hence STAGE LEFT’s tagline: love, theatre and ideas – because that’s what’s LEFT and what I want to write about at this STAGE.

It’s not just the STAGE.  There are other, non-theatrical ideas, some of them a little LEFT field, which I’d like to cover on this blog.

So, STAGE LEFT.  I hope you enjoy reading it.

Paul Bassett, Glasgow, 2019.